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Quality Work Procedure

Our unique dimensioning system assures the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each converted CAD file. Converted files are checked and rechecked to make sure that all CAD standards were followed and that the document was converted accurately.

we have quality pyramid is of three level which ensures almost nil error. Pyramid is consisting the i) The Engineer ii) Project Leader & iii) Project Manager.

If errors are detected at any Stage, the file is returned to the original Engineer for corrections. Once corrections have been made, the file re-enters the Pyramid Quality Check process again. Upon successfully passing each Stage of Quality Check, the converted CAD file is supplied to the client. The information below outlines the Quality Check procedures:


The Engineer converts and checks the CAD file to make sure that all instructions and standards were followed. When the Engineer is confident that the file is complete, it is then passed to the Project Lead.

Project Lead:

The Lead CAD engineer plots converted file and compares it to original document for errors or omissions. The file is also reviewed for compliance with all special instructions, layering schemes and standards. Errors and omissions are noted and the CAD manager works with the Engineer to assure that all errors and omissions are corrected as necessary. When the file is 100% accurate, the file is passed to Project Manager..

Project Manager:

The Project CAD manager gives the final reviews to the corrected document for 100% accuracy & the standards.

We also issue the drawings at the inter-stage of conversion for client review and their inputs if any which lead to the 100 % accuracy in final conversion & customer satisfaction.